Do you have a hard time impressing your friends with overcooked pastas?

Even when you follow descriptions on the package, boiling pasta can go wrong. I never knew why my pastas, potatoes, eggs etc. was always overcooked untill I learned to stop the boiling proces.

First you let the water boil and adds a table spoon of salt. Set an alarm to help you choose the right amount of boiling time (you can see the recommended boiling time on the packaging).

How to stop boiling process:

When the alarm rings:

  1. Control the the pasta has the right texture (taste it).
  2. When it is how you want it, you take it to the wash and pour out the boiling water. Use a colander, if you have one.
  3. Pour cold water over the pastas. The key in this process is to give enough cold water to stop the boiling process (the pastas should lower temperature), however don´t let them stay in the cool water for so long that it is not worth eating. It is probably approximately 20-40 seconds.
  4. To keep the pastas warm untill serving it, you can put it back into the pot and seal it with a lid. )It will not proceed the boiling process, if you have lowered the temperature of the pasta to app. 80 degrees).
  5. Bon appetite!
How to boil spaghetti

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